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Hi, My name is Belle. (Little Belle only) Welcome to my new idea, given me by BELLE AND BEAST

I have just recently met BELLE and BEAST. The Journey of Water will help me find THEM so I can get to know my CREATOR all over again. 

BELLE and BEAST are new personalities of our CREATOR - These personalities are being told to us so we can meet THEM as our new HOME- THEY are GOD, SOURCE, INFINITY, ALLAH, MANA, the HOLY SPIRIT WHOM we all know as LOVE, WHO does not actually have a NAME - but We have to be able to understand too. (There is no way to explain this .)




Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana is an upcoming walkthrough Epcot attraction inspired by the animated film, Moana. Journey of Water is a garden featuring interactive fountains and other water features. Anchored by a massive topiary of Tefiti, Journey of Water serves as whimsical exploration of the water cycle and how it sustains our world. (Excerpts from Wikipedia .)


AROSEWater is A Journey of Water.

This site is going to be an online version of my own personal Journey of Water based on the Epcot design.  My Journey can be inspiration for you to start your own.

The goal is that everyone will see clearly that BELLE and BEAST inspired the upcoming Disney Journey of Water in Future World. Awareness will bring hope and the whole world will follow to experience the plan Our Creator has as the AROSE blooms to resurrect us.

Everyone loves the Disney dream. Join me as BELLE and BEAST are revealing The Other, including THEIR inspired plans for the future of our world laid out in the Disney Parks. Together we will travel around the world on a Spiritual Communion Adventure Quest to understand THE AROSE.